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Remember Us Memorial Event
1:00 PM
Former Franklin School
Remember Us Memorial Event Description:
On September 30, 2021 we will be hosting a Pipe Ceremony, Honor Walk, and Traditional Memorial Feed to honor the souls of the Indigenous children killed at residential schools.
Here is some important background about what we are doing and why.
If you haven't already heard, Canada has uncovered mass graves at multiple residential schools. (If you don't know what Indigenous Residential Schools are, please do a quick search.) So far, the bodies of over 5000 children have been discovered.
The number of residential schools in the US far exceeds those in Canada. The Department of the Interior, under the direction of Deb Haaland, will be conducting searches for mass graves at all of these sites. It is very likely we will be finding more bodies. More Indigenous children ripped from their families and culture, and then killed by the Catholic Church.
This is not distant history. This is living history. And for our Indigenous communities this is unimaginably painful.
We've planned this event as a way to honor the souls of these children, and to help begin the process of healing. I'll be sharing details as we continue to organize, but I know for sure that we will need significant community support and volunteers.
Last year our community stood up against discrimination. Now we're asking you to show our Indigenous communities that same level of support.
Age Group: All Ages
Venue: Former Franklin School
Address: 820 1st Ave Sw Great Falls, MT 59404
Phone: 406-231-9995

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