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Food & Drink :: Wine Tasting
Wine Bar Wednesday
5:00 PM
5th and Wine
we've started a new Wednesday tradition - we're opening up the loft as a wine bar

here's why we are doing it - we get to taste about 15 wines a week from different vendors some we aren't impressed with, some we like, some we LOVE!

so ...

we thought it would be fun if you all got to do the same - each week we're going to pick our favorite 6 wines that we've tasted - some red, some white and occasionally a fun sparkling or rose - you can have a glass or a taste - up to you!

and ...

people love our chalkboard menu's so much on Saturday morning brunch that we've asked our chefs to create a chalkboard menu for wine bar wednesday - a few savory dishes and some fun desserts - bite size style

you have to be a part of the newest and coolest wine bar in town
open Wednesday's only - from 5 to 9 - join us!
Age Group: All Ages
Venue: 5th and Wine
Phone: N/A

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